Sunday, 31 May 2015

Zazzle T-Shirt Review

After buying and being disappointed by my Snaptee t-shirt I decided to try Zazzle. I already make and sell t-shirts on zazzle, but I have never bought any of their t-shirts before. I did buy a couple of hooded sweatshirts last year and they were ok. So I gave it a go to see if they were any better.

Firstly the actual website is far better than using an app. The website is clear, easy to use and is great for editing your designs. It is also easy to edit your design on any number of tops, including women's and children's. Zazzle does have a sizes and measurements chart and you can view this from the product page. Ordering again was very easy.
I was able to get a discount and use my own designer discount!
The one thing Zazzle has over Snaptee is the free shipping.

I went for exactly the same kind of design: Mermaid Sunset on a Men's Basic White T-Shirt, 
XL size.

Full Price                                 £17.95
Discount 15%                          £2.69
Designer Earnings Discount    £1.55
Shipping                                   FREE
Total                                        £13.71

Zazzle emailed me with the order confirmation and the next day they emailed me again saying my order had been shipped.
This time the tracking was available to my country but the only information it said was it was shipped and when. I guess as it's standard free delivery there isn't any actual tracking.
The order arrived about 10 days later which is in the 5-12 days after manufacturing time given.

Below are the photos of the t-shirt that arrived so you can see the packaging.

The packaging looks professional and survived fully intact all the way from America to Britain.

Below are photos of the t-shirt straight out of the packaging.

The shirt itself is of very good quality white cotton that is of a good weight and has been well made. The printing is very good. As you can see I did a few close up shots of the printing to show how clear and crisp the image is. The colour is very close to the original artwork. The photos don't really do it justice due to the lighting.

Below is the original artwork.

Now to the fit of the t-shirt. Below are photos of me wearing the t-shirt.

As you can see in the photos it's a very good fit. I like the length too as some shirts, especially the women's ones tend to be too short on me, (I have a slightly longer body type). The sleeves are not at all tight and the whole shirt feels comfortable and looks flattering.
The sizing is correct. This is definitely an XL size t-shirt.

Next I washed the t-shirt so we can see how it fairs in the washing machine. Obviously a very important test to do, because we do need to wash our clothes after wearing them and getting them dirty. If a t-shirt can't survive a wash or two then there isn't much point in getting a t-shirt printed with a personal or special design. 

As you can see the t-shirt washed up really well. The shirt itself wasn't very crumpled or creased. The fabric is as white as it was when it arrived new. The print is still crisp, clear and unmarked. The colour is still strong and not at all faded. It still looks as good as new. Ironing the shirt was easy and I am very happy to wear it again.
I think this t-shirt and it's image will last for ages and I will be wearing it for a few years to come!

My Rating For This T-Shirt And The Company Zazzle.

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