Sunday, 31 May 2015

Snaptee T-Shirt Review

I recently bought a Snaptee t-shirt because I had been making them for a couple of weeks to sell on the new app on my smartphone. They offered me a discount code and it lowered the price enough for me to want to buy one.
It's always nice to be able to buy a t-shirt that you have had a hand in creating.
I wouldn't say that the app is very good overall. It lacks a lot of editing choices and you can definitely tell they are fairly new. However, on the plus side, they are pretty easy to use and ordering was a breeze.
So I created a mermaid t-shirt on a men's standard white t-shirt. Mainly because I usually wear those ones as they are considered to be unisex, but also because no matter how hard I tried I couldn't actually figure out how to create a woman's t-shirt! 
I'm 5"6' in height and I need to wear a size XL. I'm from Britain so clothes sizing is different here to other countries. 
Snaptee doesn't explain anything about how their sizes work or offer any measurements to help you.
My t-shirt order apparently came from China, as that's where Snaptee is based. 
I ordered my t-shirt on 29th April 2015.
Full price was £13.99
Shipping         £3.00
Discount        -£7.00
Total               £9.99

The next day I received an email to tell me it had been shipped by standard shipping.
Although the email said I could track the order the tracking was not available in my country.
About 10 days later it arrived at my home. I would say this is quite quick as it did say anywhere up to 3 weeks!

Below are photos of the t-shirt that arrived so you can see how it was packaged.

I have to say the packaging itself was very good. I also liked the t-shirt being wrapped in tissue paper.
It all arrived in very good condition, as you can see for yourself from the photos. Pretty good considering it had come all the way from China!

Below are photos of the t-shirt itself.

The t-shirt isn't too bad. The actual t-shirt itself is not of a particularly high quality. It looks and feels like a value t-shirt. The image printed onto the t-shirt was clipped slightly due to the editing being very basic on the app. It is quite a big transfer that has been put onto the t-shirt. The actual image is not very clear but slightly undefined and the colours are not true to the original artwork.
I felt quite disappointed about that.

Now to the fit of the t-shirt. Below are photos of me wearing the t-shirt.

As you can see it fits but it is very tight! I think Snaptee has a very strange idea what XL size is. I would say that's more like a Medium size!
For a man's XL t-shirt I am very disappointed. 

Next I washed the t-shirt so we can see how it fairs in the washing machine. Obviously a very important test to do, because we do need to wash our clothes after wearing them and getting them dirty. If a t-shirt can't survive a wash or two then there isn't much point in getting a t-shirt printed with a personal or special design.

It came out very crumpled for a t-shirt. Unfortunately the printing got a little damaged too. Even after ironing the shirt is still not very crease free and the image still has white lines going through it.
I fear that after a few more washes the image would be completely ruined.

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For futher information on the Snaptee app go to either the Apple app store or Goggle Play store.
This app works on smartphones and tablets using android or iOS.