Friday, 27 July 2012



The first things I put on Star Gift Shop were space images and artwork.
This is how I began with this introduction:

Space has many beautiful mysteries hidden within it. 
Many people have tried and are still trying to uncover those mysteries with both science, photography and art. Hopefully, these beautiful designs will inspire you aswell; whether you buy these lovely t-shirts and gifts for yourself or for your friends and family.

With lots of beautiful artwork and photos of stars, space, planets, galaxies, black holes, comets, alien worlds and more  all on great items like t-shirts, mugs, bags, gifts and loads more.

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Since Christmas (2012) I have changed and expanded the shop to include even more exciting images and artwork on many topics including Angels, Jesus, Fairies, digital Fractal artwork, holidays like Christmas and Easter to special occassions like Birthdays and Weddings.

I hope you enjoy my artwork and your visit to my blog.
Thanks for visiting!

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